Patti Smith: An Evening …

Oktober 20, 2012


In the spring (2012), the Viennale had invited American artist Patti Smith to put together a small exhibition of her photos and drawings in Vienna as part of the festival’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Unfortunately this project could not be realized due to time constraints and the unavailability of numerous works. Patti Smith therefore suggested organizing a small, special concert for no more than 200 visitors during the Viennale instead.

As November 4 marks a special date for Patti Smith, it was her wish to commemorate lost friends and companions on this evening. Robert Mapplethorpe, her first partner in the arts and in life, with whom she always felt close, was born on November 4, and her husband, Fred “Sonic” Smith, guitarist of the legendary underground band MC5, died on November 4, 1994. In the intimate setting of Vienna’s Metro cinema, Patti Smith will perform a number of her songs and read a selection of poems and texts. The Viennale is happy and would like to thank Patti Smith for organizing this special evening as part of the festival.

Tickets for the event cannot be purchased; they will be given away randomly for free. In view of the event’s special character, Patti Smith has chosen the intimate setting of the Metro cinema. Please understand that we cannot meet all ticket requests.

If you are interested, please send us an email with your full name and the number of tickets (1 or 2 tickets) to by November 1 (2012).

Metro Kino, 1., Johannesgasse 4
Sun, Nov. 4, 2012 – 21:00