good gone

Juni 15, 2015

Gone to a Better World Dear friends: Today (June 9, 2015) I have decided to stop blogging. I want to spend much less time in this online world, and more time in a better world: the world outside. The real world. The world where my white and pink and red roses actually give off a sweet smell, where tree leaves rustle in the wind, where water laps at the shore and birds screech high in the sky, where a breeze can be felt on your cheek: the world where real people touch real hands. I’d like to encourage you to leave your computer screen for a moment and try the same. So to help you, I have deleted everything that was here. The five minutes you would have spent looking at this site on your screen? Use them right now to get up and step into that better world outside your door. Give it a try, even if just for a moment. With my very best wishes to you all: farewell! Henk van SettenHenk van Setten June 9, 2015


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