Nu se vi ju på ett dunkelt sätt, såsom i en spegel, men då skola vi se ansikte mot ansikte.

Februar 3, 2015

Såsom i en spegel - Ingmar Bergman

Såsom i en spegel - Ingmar BergmanSåsom i en spegel – Ingmar Bergman

I’m scared, Papa.
When I sat holding Karin
down in the wreck,
reality burst open.
Do you understand what I mean?
Yes, I understand.
Reality burst open…
and I tumbled out.
It’s like in a dream.
Anything can happen.
I know.
I can’t live in this new world.
Yes, you can,
but you must have something
to hold on to.
What would that be?
A god?
Give me some proof of God.
– You can’t.
– Yes, I can.
But you have to listen carefully.
Yes, I need to listen.
I can only give you a hint of my own hope.
It’s knowing that love exists for real in the human world.
– A special kind of love, I suppose?
– All kinds, Minus.
The highest and the lowest,
the most absurd and the most sublime.
All kinds of love.
The longing for love?
Longing and denial.
Trust and distrust.
So love is the proof?
I don’t know if love is proof of God’s existence,
or if love is God himself.
For you, love and God are the same.
That thought helps me in my emptiness and my dirty despair.
Tell me more, Papa.
Suddenly the emptiness turns into abundance,
and despair into life.
It’s like a reprieve, Minus,
from a death sentence.
Papa, if it is as you say,
then Karin is surrounded by God, since we love her.
Can that help her?
I believe so.


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