Das genitalistische Dogma

April 21, 2014

Das genitalistische Dogma ist am stärksten an die zum Mythos verklärten Behauptungen: »Ein Kind muss immer Mutter und Vater haben.«, »Wer ein Kind zeugt, muss männlich, wer eins bekommt, weiblich sein.«, »Gleichstellung – nicht heteronormativer / reproduktiver Sexualitäten und Geschlechtszugehörigkeiten – mit normativen, bedrohen die Zukunft der Gesellschaft.«, gekoppelt.


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April 21, 2014

rosa Taunus
rosa Schuh
rosa SonneFotos von fahw

April 18, 2014

Michelangelo Buonarroti - Pietà (1497-1499)

Qui son morto creduto; e per conforto
del mondo vissi, e con mille alme in seno
di veri amanti: adunche, a venir meno,
per tormen‘ una sola non son morto.

Qui vuol mie sorte c’anzi tempo i‘ dorma,
né son già morto; e ben c’albergo cangi,
resto in te vivo, c’or mi vedi e piangi,
se l’un nell’altro amante si trasforma.

Ihr glaubt mich tot, doch dass die Welt ich tröste,
leb ich mit tausend Seelen dort, an diesem wunderbaren Ort,
im Herzen der Lieben. Nein, ich ging nicht fort,
Unsterblichkeit vom Tode mich erlöste.

Es sandte mir das Schicksal tiefen Schlaf.
Ich bin nicht tot, ich tauschte nur die Räume.
Ich leb in euch, ich geh in eure Träume,
da uns, die wir vereint, Verwandlung traf.

They do believe me dead, — I who still shed
Delight on all the world, living in thousand souls
In breasts of lovers true. No death controls,
Taking one soul alone. I am not dead.

Here fate has willed me ere my time to sleep:
I am not dead, though changed my dwelling be;
While thou dost look and weep, I rest alone in thee,
Since lovers each the other’s image keep.

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Arve Henriksen – Places Of Worship

Shelter Schubert

April 9, 2014

Arve Henriksen – Shelter From The Storm

Franz Schubert – Du bist die Ruh, D776, op. 59 Nr.3

Heinrich Schlusnus – Franz Schubert – Du bist die Ruh, D776, op. 59 Nr.3

Text: Friedrich Rückert

Du bist die Ruh‘,
Der Friede mild,
Die Sehnsucht du
Und was sie stillt.

Ich weihe dir
Voll Lust und Schmerz
Zur Wohnung hier
Mein Aug‘ und Herz.

Kehr‘ ein bei mir,
Und schließe du
Still hinter dir
Die Pforten zu.

Treib andern Schmerz
Aus dieser Brust!
Voll sei dies Herz
Von deiner Lust.

Dies Augenzelt
Von deinem Glanz
Allein erhellt,
O füll‘ es ganz.

Tú eres el reposo
La paz agradable,
Tú eres la nostalgia
Y lo que la aquieta.

A ti me consagro
Lleno de dicha y de dolor,
Aquí hallarán su morada
Mis ojos y mi corazón.

Entra en mi casa
Y cierra tras de ti
Las puertas
Con cuidado.

¡Expulsa todo pesar
De este pecho!
Que mi corazón se llene
Con tu dicha.

Este templo ocular
lo ha iluminado
Tu solo fulgor
¡Oh, llénalo a rebosar!

You are peace,
the mild peace,
you are longing
and what stills it.

I consecrate to you
full of pleasure and pain
as a dwelling here
my eyes and heart.

Come live with me,
and close
quietly behind you
the gates.

Drive other pain
out of this breast
may my heart be full
with your pleasure.

The tabernacle of my eyes
by your radiance
alone is illumined,
O fill it completely!

April 8, 2014

Max Richter – Rainlight


April 5, 2014


und immer bist du da
bist du in mir
viel mehr als eine Erinnerung –
– als lebendes Wesen
lebst du in mir
du –
meine Liebe


Hammock – One Another

Laurel Canyon

April 5, 2014

Laurel Canyon_01
Laurel Canyon_02
Laurel Canyon_05
Laurel Canyon_06

Want to come in? – No, that’s okay. – Are you sure? – Yeah, I’m okay. – Oh, you’ve just washed your hair… – No, I haven’t. – So? – So, I just don’t want to get wet. – Really? – You seem like you do. – Cut it out. – What? She wants to swim, she’s afraid to get wet. – I am not afraid. – You wanna have it! – Shit! I can’t believe you! – See what I have to put up with? – It’s not so bad, is it? – That’s freezing! – That’s because your clothes are wet, silly. – You really are a jackass, God! – No name calling now. We’re all adults here. – That’s better ain’t it? – That’s definitely warmer. – I’d rather be in here than out there in that cold world. – You’re so polite, Alex. – It’s okay to leave the ivory tower and live a little.

Laurel Canyon_07

Sara… – Yes. – I think we should take the higher road. – And what would that be? – Sublimation. – Is that okay? – It’s intellectual. – I know. – And not very honest. – And neither satisfactory. – Satisfying. – I think you know what I mean.

Laurel Canyon_10
Laurel Canyon_11
Laurel Canyon_12
Laurel Canyon_13
Laurel Canyon_14

Alex was right… – The other song doesn’t pull you in. – It pulled me. Pulled me right across the room. – I am serious. – Is it about Alex? – No. Alex knows nothing about this, She’s into flies and domination. – Determinism. – Ian? – Jane? Do you like it? – Jane? – What? – Did you? – Yeah. I said I did. – Well alright then. Let’s just finish the record, darling. – I can’t stand to watch Claudia wind you off any longer. It’s starting making me jealous.
– I could look in your face for a thousand years…

Laurel Canyon_15
Laurel Canyon_16

I just feel connected to you. I feel… I feel safe with you, like it’s okay to be honest. It’s just one of those things. I’m just attracted to you. And it’s not just because I think you’re incredibly sexy. – I think that you’re incredibly attractive too, Sara. – You do? – Yes, I think about you. Trust me. A lot. – How do you think about me? – How? – Yeah. – Do you think about having sex with me? – Yes. – How? – How do I think about having sex with you? – Do you think about me going down on you? – Yes. That’s part of that. – Me too. I think about how you taste. – I’m sure you taste sweeter. – Do you resist me? – No. – Do you give yourself over? – Yes. – Completely? – Completely. – That gets me on. – You’re easy. – No, with you I am. – So, do I get to… …do I get to work on you for a while or… …or do we just fall asleep? – You can work on me all night long. I mean, you’re with someone. Why would I let myself fall in love with you? – Oh, I’m like… just an object to you? Just like a piece of ass? – Just looking to get laid? – Yeah right. God… you’re like a girl. – Thanks. That’s really flattering. – It is. Maybe that’s why I like you. – You’re having a sexuality crisis? – No. I am not having any kind of crisis. – You’re lucky, do you know that? – I don’t know that. – Why am I lucky? – You can control your heart.

Laurel Canyon_17
Laurel Canyon_19
Laurel Canyon_20
Laurel Canyon_18

Why have you got your clothes on? – What are you talking about? – You look so much better with them off. Come on. We have been entertaining you for a while. So why don’t entertain us? – What do you want me to do? – Finish it. – Look… you give her an inch and she takes a mile. – I think we should stop. – Babe…Come on… not now. – Sorry. – No, you’re right.

Can I talk to you for a second? You should be with her if you wanted. – I don’t want to be with her. I want to be with you. – I want you to be with her. – I can’t be with her. – Why not? – She’s Sam’s girlfriend. – So what? They are about to break up. I mean, it’s obvious. She’s throwing herself to us. – I don’t know if she’s throwing herself, but I can’t do it. Look… I’ve done the worst shit in my life and I’m glad I have, because I’ve enjoyed 99% of it, but I’m not gonna screw my son’s girlfriend, I’m not gonna lay there and watch you do it either. – Who’s gonna know? – I’ll know.

Laurel Canyon_21

It is not what you think it is. – You’re so lost your shit! – It’s not her fault! It is my fault! – No, it is my fault. – Well, that’s not my fucking fault! You’re not getting away with this. – I’ll get away! – Shutting me up! – For Christ’s sake! You’re gonna reduce it, tonight? Get some therapy, Finally, please, get some help! – You should get some therapy! – I’m not the one who needs it! – That is exactly your problem! – My problem? You’re unbelievable! This is why I’ll never come back here again. There is always something out of control with you,

Laurel Canyon_23

It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong. I made mistakes. A lot of them, I know that. I deal with them every day. But I think the hardest thing I’ll live with really, is knowing how much I disappointed you. I haven’t been a very good parent. I know that.

Laurel Canyon_24

Hi. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. – I’m just taking a mental health bath. – Oh. How is your mental health? – Haven’t quite gotten on mine yet. I’m still dealing with everyone else’s. – It is not true the thing you said last night. – The thing I said last night? – The thing about my heart. It’s not true at all. I can’t control my heart. I mean… …I wouldn’t want to, even if I could.

– Sara? Can I call you right back?

– Yeah.

Laurel Canyon_25
Laurel Canyon_26
Laurel Canyon_27